About the GRSG

The Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG) is a special interest group of the Geological Society of London (GeolSoc) and the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc).

The GRSG is an association of enthusiasts keen on the geological aspects of remote sensing.

The current membership includes geologists and remote sensing experts employed within industry, academia and government agencies, as well as graduate students. Although the parent bodies are both based in the UK the GRSG is an international organisation with members around the globe.

New members are always welcome.

Anybody who has an interest in the geological applications of remote sensing of The Earth and other planets will be welcomed, no matter whether expert or new to the field. Some of the areas that our current members are involved with include:

  • Mineral exploration and processing applications of spectral remote sensing
  • Mining and minerals extraction
  • Oil exploration and planning
  • Geological mapping on the Earth and other planets
  • Monitoring/modelling geological processes
  • Geotechnical and engineering applications of remote sensing
  • Monitoring geohazards such as landslides and earthquakes

The GRSG is a forum for the presentation, interrogation and sharing of ideas and information related to the geologic application of remote sensing. This means that we deliver a wide range of activities and services for our and on behalf of our members.

Some of these activities include:

  • Holding an annual conference that is devoted to the presentation of geological remote sensing papers, the promotion of commercial products and to ensure that members have the chance to meet and network with each other.
  • Providing the communication channels – including this website, newsletters and emails – needed to keep the members up-to-date with the latest industry and group information.
  • Providing funds for research projects through the GRSG Student Awards scheme

The GRSG Committee

Jennifer Scoular
Jennifer ScoularChairwoman
Alasdair Kyle
Alasdair KyleTreasurer
Andrew Hart
Andrew HartMembership Secretary
Cristina Vrinceanu
Cristina VrinceanuStudent Representative
Alistair Maclenan
Alistair MaclenanMarketing
Andries Botha
Andries BothaNewsletter
Christian Haselwimmer
Christian HaselwimmerNorth American Liason
David Coulter
David CoulterCommittee Member
Dr. Stephen Grebby
Dr. Stephen GrebbyCommittee Member
Graham Sadler
Graham SadlerCommittee Member
Susanna Grita
Susanna GritaCommittee Member
Alastair Cannell
Alastair CannellCommittee Member

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