Student Software Offer

The Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG) has entered into an agreement with Hexagon Geospatial and PCI Geomatics to allow active GRSG Student Members to gain access to ERDAS and Geomatica image processing software respectively, for a full year.

The image processing software will allow users to rapidly and easily process large volumes of different types of geospatial information including aerial and satellite imagery.  These tools, routinely used in geological remote sensing applications provide the user the opportunity to learn and understand the different processes, tools and algorithms available whilst familiarising themselves with different toolkits which are key packages used in research and commercial remote sensing industry.

In each case the agreement will not only give qualifying GRSG Student Members free access to the software but also allows the user to access the additional tools, technical documentation, webinars and paid for resources such as training etc specific to the different software providers.

When registering as a student member, you will be asked to confirm your status as a student and therefore eligibility for some of the benefits associated with being a student member.  To help us with this verification process, you must register on the GRSG website with an academic or student email address.

You will also be required to provide the GRSG with a copy of an enrolment certificate confirming your enrolment on an accredited university course.  This document will need to list the course you are doing, the course duration and end date.

Please note that the GRSG will not keep this information.  We will simply refer to it, carry out some background checks and then delete it from our records.

Please note that these requirements are applicable to all student members and specifically a key component of the eligibility requirements for our Student Software Offer should you wish to make use of that benefit.  As part of our agreement with the software providers we have agreed that this offer will only be available to those who meet the following eligibility requirements:

Eligibility / Rules

  • The student must be a student member of the GRSG and hold a student email address and ID (a requirement for all GRSG student members)
  • The applicant must be enrolled at an accredited university and provide a certificate of enrolment (a requirement for all GRSG student members)
  • The software may not be used commercially or shared with anyone who might use it commercially
  • The software can only be requested on an individual basis
  • No official support / maintenance from the software provider is provided.
  • Applicants must agree to provide feedback in the form of an article, thesis or white paper, video testimonial, or social media outlets (if desired and reasonable)
  • For ERDAS: software may not be used for standard curriculum at the University but for specific project research
  • Geographic restrictions may apply
  • The offer may be withdrawn at any time