The World Cup of Geology Films

Make your vote count – starting on Monday 18th January!

At the GRSG we are always trying to answer the big questions and now we turn our attention to one of the biggest: which geology film, is the best! 

To find out we have selected 16 of the best maintstream geology films – if your favourite is not there, we are sorry – and will match them in head-to-head battles.

Each winner will progress to the next round to do battle again, whilst the loser will be consigned to the dustbin of geology films!

The rounds to glory are laid out below in the World Cup Map of Geology Films and please use the hashtag #geologyFilmsWorldCup when voting, so that others are encouraged to support your choice (or not..!).

The Path to Glory

We will put each match-up to a vote on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages and the film that wins the most votes across all of the platforms, will move to the next round.

So, to vote you need to be following us on one or all three of our social media channels. Just click one of the links below to visit our accounts and you can influence the outcome of this vital race for glory!

These past 12 months have been tough for all of us. Hopefully the World Cup of Geology Films will bring a smile to the face of the GRSG Community (and beyond) and that we will be able to answer this most pressing of questions: which geology film, is the best!