GRSG Committee Profile

Cristina Vrinceanu

Cristina is a geographer who began her career in 2014, practicing land surveying and as an intern for OMV Petrom in their Operations and Wellsite Geology department.

She has worked for 5 years as a GIS Specialist at Romanian ITC company, Teamnet International, where she was involved in numerous national projects which had a geospatial component. She has been responsible for activities and projects related to hazard and risk management and Earth Observation.

Since then, Cristina has worked as a Young Graduate Trainee for the European Space Agency, where she has focused on EO Data applications related to the Energy sector and participated in numerous activities involving community outreach and capacity building.

Currently, Cristina is undertaking a PhD with the Nottingham Geospatial Institute, University of Nottingham, where she is researching methods for automating the mapping of offshore hydrocarbon seepage using Earth Observation imagery.

She has an interest in SAR and multispectral applications, algorithm development, open source and open data initiatives and new technologies applied to geospatial. She is also keen on science communication and introducing young and adult minds to science and geospatial.

One piece of advice?

Be as curious as you wish and always keep an open mind. Be proactive and involved and engage with your peers. Question everything and retain only what you can be certain of. Treat every setback as a new lesson. Give something back to the community, sharing can make a difference.


BSc (Hons) in Geography (Ma) and Urban Planning (Mi), University of Bucharest, Romania

Erasmus Diploma in Earth Sciences, University of Milan, Italy

MSc in Geographic Information Systems, University of Bucharest, Romania

PhD Candidate in Engineering Surveying and Space Geodesy, University of Nottingham, UK