GRSG Annual Conference & AGM 2022:

Orbit to Outcrop

11th – 14th December 2022

In-Person Conference at the ITC, University of Twente




The Annual GRSG Conference and AGM returns to an in-person event!

In December of this year, we will once again bring together the GRSG community to explore the wonderful world of geological remote sensing for our 33rd International Conference and AGM!

Obviously, the pandemic interrupted our plans in 2020 and 2021 but in keeping with our philosophy of alternating locations, this year’s conference will be held in the vibrant town of  Enschede in The Netherlands at the world famous ITC Faculty Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted papers, now is the time to purchase your tickets!

The Annual GRSG Conference and AGM Agenda

Please make sure that you purchase the ticket for the events that you would like to attend: tickets for the Conference Dinner and the Spectral Workshop will need to be added to your Conference Attendance ticket.

SPECTRAL WORKSHOP, 11th December 2022

The GRSG is proud to offer a ONE DAY Spectral Geology Workshop in conjunction with the 2022 AGM and Conference.

The day will be led by applied and research earth scientists who have decades of experience in a range of spectral geology techniques.  The workshop will consist of an introduction to the theory and application of spectral methods for mineral identification and a hands-on lab session applying spectral processing analytics to a recently acquired high resolution airborne hyperspectral data set covering the VNIR, SWIR, and LWIR remote sensing ranges.

The lab session will utilize the free HypPy hyperspectral processing software and unrestricted use of the sample data.

This is an ideal opportunity to gain ENTRY LEVEL knowledge of and experience with hyperspectral data prior to the conference presentations.

Workshop leaders: 

Dr. David Coulter
Dr. David Coulter
Consulting geologist for mineral exploration with a focus on airborne hyperspectral analytics and interpretation.
Xiaodong Zhou M.Sc.
Xiaodong Zhou M.Sc.
Spectral geology and remote sensing consultant, specializing in multi-scale, multi-platform alteration mapping for mineral exploration.
Dr. Prof. Chris Hecker
Dr. Prof. Chris Hecker
Associate Professor in Thermal Infrared Sensing, specialized in spectral investigations for critical raw materials and the energy transition

Please note that Workshop tickets are only available to those people attending the conference who will need to purchase a separate ticket. These are available on the Eventbrite page.

The Annual GRSG Conference and AGM Agenda

Please make sure that you purchase the ticket for the events that you would like to attend: tickets for the Conference Dinner and the Spectral Workshop will need to be added to your Conference Attendance ticket.


Brewpub Stanislaus (Stadsgravenstraat 59, 7511 ER Enschede) will host the icebreaker reception. This bar/brewery is in the city centre of Enschede in an old church. There will be a cash bar for you to purchase a selection of craft beer, wine, and soft drinks with a finger buffet provided by GRSG.

Join us from 6 pm.


08:30Registration and Coffee
09:30Welcome from the ITCITC
9:40Welcome from the GRSGCharlotte Bishop, Chairman GRSG
9:50Opening Keynote: Overview of multi-hazard risk assessment with a focus on the role of remote sensing.

As well as working at the ITC, Maarten is also a Director of the Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre, a member of the European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change and the Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC working group.
Maarten van Aalst - Professor Climate and Disaster Resilience, ITC, University of Twente

Session: Climate Impact.
Chair: Charlotte Bishop, KSAT

10:35A new global crustal thickness model – the first seismic and gravitational unified modelMark van der Meijde - ITC, HollandAbstract 2022: Mark van der Meijde
10:55SPECTRA: A Portal To Combine And Harness The Best Satellite Methane Emissions Data AvailableLola Odunsi - GHGSat, UKAbstract 2022: Lola Odunsi

Session: Geohazards.
Chair: Irene Manzella, University of Twente – ITC

11:45SAR interferometry techniques to measure Earth surface displacements in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine regionRomy Schlögel - Univ. of Liege, BelgiumAbstract 2022: Romy Schlögel
12:05Space-time co- and post- seismic landslide hazard modelling via Ensemble Neural NetworksAshok Dahal - Uni Twente, ITC, NetherlandsAbstract 2022: Ashok Dahal
12:25SOILRISKGeorgia KaradimouAbstract 2022: Georgia Karadimou
12:45Integration of satellite SAR with multispectral data for mining risk mitigationJenny Scoular, Skygeo - NetherlandsAbstract 2022: Jennifer Scoular

Session: Geological Mapping
Chair: Stephen Grebby, University of Nottingham

14:05Alteration mapping of a porphyry copper deposit using airborne (HyMap) and spaceborne (EnMap) Imaging Spectroscopic dataSaeid Asadzadeh - GFZ Potsdam, GermanyAbstract 2022: Saeid Asadzadeh
14:25Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy coupled with machine learning techniques for a high-level characterization of materials in various deposit typesFeven Dester - TUDelft, Netherlands Abstract 2022: Feven Desta
14:45Integrated remote sensing and geological mapping in the Kwanza Basin, AngolaMike Oehlers - Tectosat, UKAbstract 2022: Mike Oehlers
15:35Rapid Fire Poster Session
16:15GRSG Annual General MeetingCharlotte Bishop, Chairman GRSG
17:00Evening Reception


09:00Registration and Coffee
09:30Welcome from the GRSGCharlotte Bishop, Chairman GRSG
09:40Opening Keynote: Satellite Top TrumpsCharlotte Bishop, Senior Project Manager, Kongsberg Satellite Services
10:25PANEL SESSION: Careers & Students

Session: Mineral Exploration
Chair: Sara Salehi, GEUS

11:40Alunite Characterization with Ultra High Resolution SWIRLori Shelton - Spectral Evolution, USAAbstract 2022: Lori Shelton Pieniazek
12:00Deep learning for mineral exploration: New neural network approach for classification of hydrothermal alteration using PRISMA spaceborne hyperspectral dataAdrian Ctvrtnicek - Imperial College, UKAbstract 2022: Adrian Ctvrtnicek
12;20We Will Rock You!Trond Loke, Hyspex. NorwayAbstract 2022: Trond Loke
12:40Hyperspectral imagery application in hydrothermal muscovite-pyrophyllite intergrowth identification over the volcanic-hosted lithocap part of the Yerington district.Bruno Portela - Uni Twente, ITC, NetherlandsAbstract 2022: Bruno Portela

Session: Oil
Chair: Cristina Vrinceanu, University of Nottingham

14:00Spectral Characterization of the Categories of the Bonn Agreement Oil Appearance CodeRebecca Scafutto - UNICAMP, BrazilAbstract 2022: Rebecca Del Papa Moreira Scafutto, Guillaume Lassalle, Carlos Roberto de Souza Filho
14:20Shipwrecks From Space: Satellite Imagery Oil Slick Observations for Monitoring and Rediscovery of Sunken VesselsGeoff Thiemann - CGG, UKAbstract 2022: Geoffrey Thiemann
14:40Monitoring oil spills in the Russian sub-Arctic with high resolution satellite imageryGraham Sadler - Uni Cambridge,UKAbstract 2022: Graham Sadler
15:00High resolution thermal insights for steel and oil activity monitoringManuel Sanabria – Satellite Vu, UK

Session: Geohazards
Chair: Jenny Scoular, Skygeo

15:50Geo-data for risk management in a changing Arctic – if we don’t measure, we don’t know.Pooja Mahapatra - Fugro, NetherlandsAbstract 2022: Pooja Mahapatra
16:10The cloud-based Geohazards Exploitation Platform (GEP) for documenting, monitoring and modelling volcano, landslide, glaciers, coastal subsidence and seismic hazards.Jean Philippe Malet - Univ. of Strasbourg, FranceAbstract 2022: Jean-Philippe Malet
16:30Subsidence in Hanoi, is it groundwater abstraction" Luke Bateson - BGS, UK


09:00Registration and Coffee
09:30Welcome from the GRSGCharlotte Bishop, Chairman GRSG

Session: Mineral Exploration
Chair: David Coulter

09:40ASTER mineral mapping for groundwater discharge investigations of springs in the Canning Basin, northern Western Australia.Rob HewsonAbstract 2022: Robert Hewson
10:00Let the exploration begin: helicopter-borne remote sensing a new addition to geological mapping studiesSara Salehi - GEUS, DenmarkAbstract 2022: Sara Salehi
10:20Discrimination of Cu ore from waste using remote sensing data,
a study from the Kuh Panj Cu porphyry, SE Iran
Fardad Magsoudi Moud - TU Delft, NetherlandsAbstract 2022: Fardad Maghsoudi Moud
10:40Identifying Copper Hot Spots in the Subsurface of an Operational Tailing’s Facility Using Landsat Time-series Analysis.Yaron Ogen - Univ. Halle, GermanyAbstract 2022: Yaron Ogen

Session: Geological Mapping
Chair: Andries Botha, University of Twente - ITC

11:30GoldenEye: Earth observation, drone and proximal data integration in 2D and 3D using machine learning for cost-efficient exploration targeting – Case study about stratiform tin mineralisation in Bockau, Erzgebirge/ GermanyAndreas Knobloch- Beak Consultants, Germany Abstract 2022: Andreas Knobloch
11:50Geothermal mapping and remote sensing of thermal anomalies at Grændalur area, Hveragerði, SW IcelandPatrick Muanza Kant - University of Iceland, IcelandAbstract 2022: Patrick Muanza Kant
12:10Looking into the effect of weather on geological spectral indicesHarald van der Werff - Uni Twente, ITC, NetherlandsAbstract 2022: Harald van der Werff
12:30Virtual geological field trips: a new perspective on communicating geoscience localitiesSimon Buckley - NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS, NorwayAbstract 2022: Simon Buckley

Session: Mineral Exploration.
Chair: Chris Hecker, University of Twente - ITC

13:50Hyperspectral Imaging of Early-Earth Hydrothermal ProcessesFrank van RuitenbeekAbstract 2022: Frank van Ruitenbeek
14:10Estimation of rare earth element abundances using proximal and close-range remote sensingVeronika Kopackova-Strnadova - SEZNAM, Czech RepublicAbstract 2022: Veronika Kopackova-Strnadova
14:40VIS-NIR spectroscopy in geology and mining: How to make the data work for youEvelien Rost - Malvern Panalytical, NetherlandsAbstract 2022: Evelien Rost
15:00Wrap Up and Conference Close

Poster Presentations

Student Travel Bursaries

Every year the GRSG provides Student Travel Bursaries to students to travel to our Annual General Meeting.

The GRSG committee will again offer up to 10 student travel bursaries of €150 each, to help more students attend.

To apply for a student travel bursary, you must be a student member of the GRSG at the point of application.

Applicants do not need to submit an abstract to be considered for a travel bursary however those who submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation will be given preference – please apply before Monday 5th December 2022

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Travel & Conference Information

To help you find your way to the conference venue at the University of Twente’s ITC Faculty close to the city centre of Enschede, we have put together a handy guide which includes tips on how to get there, which hotels to book and most importantly, where the restaurants and bars are, where we will be hosting our social events!

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