GRSG Conference 2022: Orbit to Outcrop

Title: Alunite Characterization with Ultra High Resolution SWIR

Author: Lori Shelton Pieniazek


Alunite characteristics and composition are used as a good indicator of gold potential in an epithermal system. Field portable spectrometers have been widely used around the world to focus on the spectral shift in the composition of alunite from potassium rich (K-alunite) to sodium-rich (Na-alunite) to vector the mineralization.

In recent years, spectral resolution of these instruments have increased due to demand by correlating data sets from other remote sensing technologies like hyperspectral imaging.

This study focuses on using ultra high resolution to characterize K-alunite from Na-alunite by identifying additional features not seen with lower resolution spectrometers, an application that can be used in the future for better understanding of mineralized zones.