GRSG Conference 2022: Orbit to Outcrop

Poster Title: Application of Satellite Remote Sensing for Flood Mitigation Mapping: A case study of Damaturu Town-Nigeria

Author: Isa Muhammad Zumo


Flooding in Damaturu metropolis recently has cause loss of human lives and properties, destroyed crops, livestock were lost, and health conditions of the populace deteriorates due to waterborne diseases. In the past, there are many measures taken by the state government on how to mitigate flood occurrences.

These include construction of drainage system across the lowland areas in the town, relocating of inhabitants to a safer area and creating waste dump sites in many suitable locations. Despite all these measures, the metropolis is still experiencing flooding.

This study proposes a flood mitigation map that will identify areas at risk of flooding, and consequently to improve flood risk management and disaster preparedness.

The study will use the techniques of satellite remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) to identify these vulnerable areas. It will use Sentinel 2 imagery and ALOS PALSAR DEM into ArcGIS 10.3 for the analysis. The result will contribute towards the realization of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target 13.1.3 Implementation of local disaster risk reduction strategies.