34th Geological Remote Sensing Group

Annual Conference & AGM 2023

11th – 13th December 2023

The Geological Society, Burlington House, London

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The Annual GRSG Conference and AGM returns to London!

In December of this year, we will once again bring together the GRSG community to explore the wonderful world of geological remote sensing for our 34th International Conference and AGM under the following topics:

  • Critical Minerals and the Energy Transition
  • Engineering Geology and Hazards
  • Planetary Geology

Following our very successful conference at the world famous ITC Faculty Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation in the Netherlands, we are back at our spiritual home; the offices of the Geological Society, Burlington House in London.

Provisional Conference Agenda

Join Us for the Pre-Conference Icebreaker

18:00 – 21:00, Sunday 10th December, Glass Blower Pub, Piccadilly


08:30Registration and Coffee
09:15Welcome from the GRSGDr. Jennifer Scoular
09:30Opening Keynote: EnVision Venus MissionDr. Phillipa Mason, Imperial College LondonAbstract 2023: Phillipa Mason

Session: Planetary Remote Sensing.
Chair: Jennifer Scoular, SkyGeo

10:15Challenges and opportunities of inter-mission change detection between magellan and the future VERITAS and EnVision missions to VenusGerard Gallardo i Peres, Imperial College, LondonAbstract 2023: Gerard Gallardo i Peres
10:35Constraining Tessera Evolution in Phoebe RegioConnor Hoad, Royal Holloway, University of London
Abstract 2023: Connor Hoad
10:55Denoising Hyperspectral Images of Mars with Machine LearningRobert Platt, Imperial College, LondonAbstract 2023: Robert Platt

Session: Mine waste and monitoring in the energy and mining sectors.
Chair: Andries Botha

11:45Multiscale and multi-sensor mapping for tailings management: review and perspectivesFriederike Koerting, Norsk Elektro Optikk AS - HySpex Division
Abstract 2023: Friederike Koerting
12:05Preliminary observations of Sardinian Historical mine tailings using Google Earth EngineSusanna Grita, Sapienza Universita di RomaAbstract 2023: Susanna Grita
12:25Application of wide-range infrared spectroscopy for coal mine waste characterizationOscar Kamps, TU DelftAbstract 2023: Oscar Kamps
12:45InSAR service evolution in the energy sectorRen Capes, Tre AltamiraAbstract 2023: Ren Capes

Session: Oil Spills and Environmental Remote Sensing
Chair: Graham Sadler

13:45Impacts of a 40-year-old oil spill on mangroves revealed by drone-borne remote sensingCarlos Souza Filho,
University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
Abstract 2023: Carlos Souza Filho
14:05Applications of UAV-Born Hyperspectral Data for The Detection and Characterization of Oil SpillsRebecca Scafutto, University of Campinas (UNICAMP)Abstract 2023: Rebecca Scafutto
14:25Oil spill characterisation with SARPriscila Martins Oliveira da Costa,
University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
Abstract 2023: Priscila Martins Oliveira da Costa
14:45An improved sensing capability of vis-NIR spectroscopy in the detection of oil spill in bare soilsHanly Bingari, University of PortsmouthAbstract 2023: Hanly Bingari
Updates on recent environmental remote sensing R&D and technology deployments in Chevron
Christian Haselwimmer, ChevronAbstract 2023: Christian Haselwimmer
15:45How to compare apples and oranges and make sense of them. Charlotte Bishop, KSATAbstract 2023: Charlotte Bishop
16:05The Use of Hyperspectral Imagery for the Identification and Quantification of MethaneKevin Goldsmith, BPAbstract 2023: Kevin Goldsmith
16:25GRSG Annual General MeetingJennifer Scoular, SkyGeo
17:15WINE RECEPTION: Unwind and indulge in the elegance of geoscience discussions paired with fine wines at The Geological Society.


08:45Registration and Coffee
09:20Welcome from the GRSGDr. Jennifer Scoular
09:30Opening Keynote: EO Satellite Validation – The Why, The How, and The ArtDr. George Leblanc, National Research Council of CanadaAbstract 2023: George LeBlanc

Session: Mineral Exploration.
Chair: Lori Wickart

10:15U.S. Geological Survey’s Earth Mapping Resource Initiative: Improving the Nation’s Understanding of Critical Mineral Resources Using Imaging SpectroscopyTodd Hoefen, US Geological SurveyAbstract 2023: Todd Hoefen
10:35Full Spectrum Unmixing at Alunite Hill, NevadaDean Riley, University of ArizonaAbstract 2023: Dean Riley
11:30Optimizing Lithological Mapping and Mineral Potential Assessment through the Fusion of Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Images, Airborne Radiometric Data, and Machine Learning AlgorithmsAli Shebl, University of DebrecenAbstract 2023: Ali Shebl
11:50TBCGiorgi Mindiashvili, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State UniversityAbstract 2023: Giorgi Mindiashvili
12:10Marigold on the DL Platform: Utilising Bare Earth Composites and Cloud Compute for Regional Scale Mineral Exploration - A Case Study over the Maricunga Belt, ChileSam Casement, Descartes LabsAbstract 2023: Sam Casement
12:30Bare-earth satellite imagery and the search for hidden lithium-rich brines: An example from the Lithium Triangle in South AmericaLivi Rhind, CGG Satellite MappingAbstract 2023: Livi Rhind

Session: Quick fire posters and Early Careers Session
Chair: Susanna Grita

Applications of a continuously updated national InSAR map – New ZealandNathan Magnall, SatsenseAbstract 2023: Nathan Magnall
16:00Assessing Coastal Granulometry from Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Data.Sophie Mann, University of NottinghamAbstract 2023: Sophie Mann
16:20A rapid assessment of ground damage and secondary geohazards caused by the Feb 2023 Mw 7.8 Turkey-Syria earthquake using visual inspection of optical satellite imagery.Joshua Jones, AECOM
Abstract 2023: Joshua Jones
18:30CONFERENCE DINNER: Join us for an enchanting evening aboard the Tattershall Castle, a pub on the Thames with picturesque views of the London Eye.


08:45Registration and Coffee

Session: Mineral Exploration
Chair: David Coulter

09:30Marigold on the DL Platform: An Online Cloud Compute Solution for the Management and Processing of High Volume Hyperspectral Data for Mineral Exploration Mapping in the Green Energy TransitionLori Wickert, Descartes LabsAbstract 2023: Lori Wickert
09:50Can we classify smarter? Adding geothermal and spectral expert knowledge into the mineral classification processChris Hecker, University of TwenteAbstract 2023: Chris Hecker
10:10Finding fairies at the bottom of your garden: gas estimation as the next challenge for remote sensing
Niel Pendock, Dirt ExplorationAbstract 2023: Niel Pendock
10:30A look into the influence of Sentinel-2 atmospheric correction and calibration on the repeatability of geological spectral indicesHarald van der Werff, University of Twente Abstract 2023: Harald van der Werff
11:20Variation in multiple outdoor Specim SWIR images acquired over a Single DayTingxuan Jiang, University of Twente (UT-ITC)
Abstract 2023: Tingxuan Jiang
11:40Multi-scale approach to remote sensing mineral exploration for expansion of a Moroccan silver mine – the Imiter case studyAlfie Baines, CGG Satellite MappingAbstract 2023: Alfie Baines
12:00Mineral exploration using EnMAP hyperspectral data: Case studies from four different deposit typesSaeid Asadzadeh, German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ)Abstract 2023: Saeid Asadzadeh
12:20Comparison of EnMAP and Fenix Airborne Hyperspectral over the Yerington Magmatic District, NVSiebe Breed, GeosenseAbstract 2023: Siebe Breed
12:40Sale’e Porcus Spectral library V1.0
Marco Casu, Sapienza Universita Di RomaAbstract 2023: Marco Casu

Session: New sensors and methods
Chair: Sara Salehi

14:00InSAR empowering the energy transition: contributions to CCUS project development
Nick Dodds, SkyGeoAbstract 2023: Nick Dodds
14:20ITRES new hyperspectral imager SAVI 1000
Fabrizio Tadina, ITRES

14:50First results from SatVu's new high-resolution mid-wave thermal infrared (MWIR) HotSat-1Xu Teo, SatVuAbstract 2023: Xu Teo
15:10A tale of two technologies - Frequent monitoring of industrial emissions using satellites and aircrafts
Lola, GHGSat
15:30tbcClaire Mudge, Planet
AFTERGLOW: Conclude the conference with a bang at the Afterglow event! Return to the lively Glassblower Pub for an evening of celebration, reflection, and informal networking. Cheers to new connections and a successful GRSG Conference!

Conference Tickets

Tickets are now on sale with Early Bird pricing available until 1st October. In addition to a fantastic technical conference programme, we have many networking and social events planned:

  • Icebreaker: evening of Sunday 10th December, Glass Blower Pub, Piccadilly
  • Wine reception: afternoon of Monday 11th December at The Geological Society
  • Conference Dinner: evening of Tuesday 12th December, Tattershall Castle, Victoria Embankment
  • Afterglow: evening of Wednesday 13th December, Glassblower Pub, Piccadilly

Student Travel Bursaries

Every year the GRSG provides Student Travel Bursaries to students to travel to our Annual General Meeting.

The GRSG committee will again offer up to 5 student travel bursaries of £250.00 each, to help more students attend.

To apply for a student travel bursary, you must be a student member of the GRSG at the point of application.

Applicants do not need to submit an abstract to be considered for a travel bursary however those who submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation will be given preference – please apply before Wednesday 1st November 2023

Sponsor the GRSG Conference & AGM

The GRSG is a non-profit organisation entirely run by volunteers. Our revenue took a significant hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we successfully resumed in-person events last year at ITC, which aided our recovery, the expenses associated with hosting our events are also rising considerably.

This year we will incur significant venue costs from The Geological Society of London for the first time. Many of you may have read over the past few years that The Geological Society has suffered significant rent increases in recent years; in fact a 3100% increase in rent from 2012 to 2021. Unsurprisingly some of those increased costs are being passed onto the special interest groups.

Therefore, conference sponsorship is vital to help keep our events accessible. As well as covering conference costs, sponsorship income also supports other activities throughout the year including: student travel bursaries, student awards, training events, website fees and more.

The benefits of conference sponsorship this year include:

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