The Value of Remote Sensing in an era of Remote Working

This year’s Geological Remote Sensing Group Annual General Meeting and Conference has moved from its intended venue of the Geological Society’s headquarters on London’s Piccadilly, to be an Online event.

In the face of the continued travel restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the GRSG Committee had no alternative but to make this change.

The plan is to replicate the same fun and interactive environment that has seen people travel from all of the world to attend these conferences in the past, and provide as full a schedule of presentations, networking opportunities, introductions to new sponsor technology and hopefully, social events as possible.

The Call for Papers is Now Open

GRSG Chairman, Charlotte Bishop explains what the conference committee is seeking in submissions; “This year we are looking for papers that cover the breadth of applied remote sensing, from the ground to space and from the earth to planetary science with a specific focus on the value that our amazing applications can provide to other industries all over the world.” 

Paper Submission: