GRSG Conference 2020 Presentation

Title: Awesome Earth Observation Code

Author: Andrew Cutts

Awesome Earth Observation Code is a free and open github repository containing over 450 Earth Observation coding based links.

With more satellites delivering an increasingly diverse range a datasets more projects and ideas are being generated. Awesome Earth Observation code seeks to share and grow a list of coding resources for everyone to access and explore.

It contains numerous links including highlighting multiple projects using a range of programming languages, deep learning studies, blog posts and videos.

It also contains non EO resources, focused on ones that are grounded in data science and could be used as a bringing gap between data science and Earth Observation.

In this presentation I will outline the background and why we need more resources like this, I will highlight some of the links and encourage the audience to contribute.

As Earth Observation moves increasingly to Open Source I aim to show you that you don’t have to be a developer to contribute to an open community – you could just share some cool links!