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CGG and dCarbonX Sign Strategic Agreement for Decarbonisation Exploration

CGG has signed a strategic agreement to support dCarbonX in the subsurface assessment of its operated clean energy projects offshore Ireland and the UK (which include geothermal energy and storage sites for CO2, hydrogen and ammonia). Such projects are critical in the ongoing energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy systems. CGG brings its integrated geoscience solutions to [...]

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Telops Becomes a GRGS Corporate Member

The GRSG is delighted to welcome Canadian designer and manufacturer of high-performance hyperspectral imaging systems and infrared cameras, Telops as the Group's latest Corporate Member. Telops supplies their products to defence, industrial, and academic research organisations, all around the world as well as offering R&D services for optical systems technology development in response to the specific needs of their [...]

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Survey: Spaceborne LiDAR Applications and Needs

Existing space-borne LiDAR systems are collecting ground-breaking data but provide only sparse coverage, making them unsuitable for many commercially and societally important applications. The University of Edinburgh (UoE) has formed the Global Lidar Altimetry MISsion (GLAMIS) project to address this issue through the deployment of a constellation of smaller, cheaper satellites which could collect continuous coverage space-borne LiDAR data. Resilience [...]

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CGG Satellite Mapping Completes Barents Sea Seeps Study

CGG’s Satellite Mapping group recently completed an innovative high-resolution hydrocarbon seeps study commissioned by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD). The aim of the study was to increase petroleum system knowledge across a relatively data-poor area of the northern Barents Sea. CGG Satellite Mapping has over twenty-five years of experience in the detection and characterization of offshore seeps and slicks [...]

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Abstract: Detecting risk to infrastructure in the age of COVID and ESG

GRSG Conference 2020 Presentation Title: Detecting risk to infrastructure in the age of COVID and ESG Author: Owen Hawkins The impact of COVID-19 is driving the need to reduce cost and health and safety risks of site visits.  ESG regulations are in parallel generating increased interest in the monitoring of risk and performance of assets. As such, the interest in [...]

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Abstract: Engineering Geomorphological Remote Sensing: Tools for Reading the Ground

GRSG Conference 2020 Presentation Title: Engineering Geomorphological Remote Sensing: Tools for Reading the Ground Author: Andrew Hart As engineers involved in the design, construction and operation of infrastructure, we need to understand the ground conditions of our sites, as well as the surface processes acting upon them. The same is true when trying to assess the hazard and risk [...]

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