Remote Sensing for the Energy Sector Workshop

GRSG North America: August 31 2021 – September 02 2021

The increasing demand for energy and natural resources on a finite planet must be balanced by their sustainable discovery, extraction, and production.

Remote sensing and associated geospatial technologies support this objective by providing crucial information to decision-makers at every stage of energy and resource projects.

This first Virtual Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG) Americas Energy Workshop aims to provide sessions detailing use-cases, applications, and technologies covering the full range of applications of remote sensing within energy industries.

The workshop will encompass sessions involving the mature, operational applications of remote sensing across the energy sector, as well as sessions detailing beneficial cutting-edge technologies, workflows, and use-cases.

Application Sessions

The theme for the Virtual GRSG Americas 2021 Workshop is Remote Sensing for the Energy Sector. Technical sessions will focus on the applications of remote sensing and related geospatial technologies across energy projects, including:

● Exploration + appraisal of energy resources: O&G, geothermal, renewables
● Metocean applications: offshore O&G, offshore wind
● Economic indicators of energy activity: competitive intelligence, etc.
● Operational monitoring
● Environmental monitoring: e.g. GHG emissions, oil spills
● Asset retirement, decommissioning, and site rehabilitation
● Meeting Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals/commitments

The conference will also have sessions, panels, and fire-side chats, focused on emerging and helpful technologies of interest, detailing:

● New sensors, platforms, and EO constellations
● Data workflows, analytics, and visualization: edge analytics.
● Guidance and best practice for ML/DL applied to energy use-cases
● COVID-19 and Remote Sensing: How a pandemic acted as an accelerator in the
adoption of new technologies (panel)

Abstract Submission

Authors who wish to give a presentation are requested to submit an abstract (maximum 500 words) using the form below: