November 2023

Abstract 2023: Siebe Breed

GRSG 34th Conference 2023 Title: Comparison of EnMAP and Fenix Airborne Hyperspectral over the Yerington Magmatic District, NV Author: Siebe Breed, David Coulter & David Cimadevilla Fuente In 2022 EnMAP was launched, a hyperspectral [...]

Abstract 2023: Nick Dodds

GRSG 34th Conference 2023 Title: Long term, wide area monitoring of CO2 containment in CCS using spaceborne InSAR Author: Nick Dodds Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) can be an effective part of an active [...]

Abstract 2023: Kevin Goldsmith

GRSG 34th Conference 2023 Title: The Use of Hyperspectral Imagery for the Identification and Quantification of Methane Author: Kevin Goldsmith Abstract: Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that is emitted from a variety of [...]

Abstract 2023: George LeBlanc

GRSG 34th Conference 2023 Title: EO Satellite Validation – The Why, The How, and The Art Author: George LeBlanc Abstract: The rate of increase for EO satellite systems in orbit and scheduled for launch, [...]

Abstract 2023: Phillipa Mason

GRSG 34th Conference 2023 Title: EnVision Venus Mission Author: Philippa Mason Abstract: The EnVision mission aims to better understand the history, activity and climate of Venus. Using data from its payload instruments - Synthetic [...]

Abstract 2023: Xu Teo

GRSG 34th Conference 2023 Title: First results from SatVu's new high-resolution mid-wave thermal infrared (MWIR) HotSat-1 Author: Xu Teo Our mission at SatVu (formerly Satellite Vu) is to capture the highest resolution thermal data [...]

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