GRSG Conference 2022: Orbit to Outcrop

Title: Assessment of radarsat-1, ALOS PALSAR and sentinel-1 SAR satellite images for geological lineament mapping

Author: Mohcine chakouri


Lineament mapping is a very important step in geological studies and mineral exploration, with the evolution of remote sensing, processing methods as well as the availability of several optical and radar satellite data, lineaments can be detected without using traditional methods. The objective of this work is to recommend the most suitable data for lineaments to be used in the f ield of geological science, by comparing the performance of three different RADAR data, namely ALOS PALSAR (The Advanced Land Observing Satellite Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar), Radarsat-1 and Sentinel-1 for automatic lineament extraction using a combination of edge detection and line linking algorithms.

The methodology consists to link between the length, number, orientation and density of lineaments with surface characteristics such as the slope, faults, lithology, discontinuities and mineral veins. The results obtained show that the extracted lineaments from Sentinel-1 VH polarization have a better correlation with geological units, tectonic system direction, as well as shading and slope maps, which is due to the effectiveness of VH polarization, which is independent of soil properties compared to the other polarizations that have shown an overestimation of the lineaments.