GRSG Google Earth Engine Workshop

The GRSG is delighted to offer a practical, relevant and virtual workshop that will introduce attendees to Google Earth Engine: the cloud platform that enables large-scale geospatial analysis.

The two-hour workshop will be in two parts.

For the first hour, independent geospatial consultant Sabrina Szeto will provide a thorough overview of what Google Earth Engine is, what people use it for, discuss some important data concepts and a quick introduction to the JavaScript and Python APIs.

The group will also take a look at some example web applications built with Google Earth Engine.

This hour will end with some recommendations for resources for learning to use Earth Engine and time for questions from the audience.

After a short break, the workshop will get hands-on!

Everyone will walk through a simple Python workflow, learn how to search for data hosted in the Earth Engine Data Catalog and add it to workflows, create an image mosaic from a time period of interest, clip it to a specific boundary and export the result to Google Drive.

The workshop will use a Jupyter Notebook and the Earth Engine Python API in a Google Colab environment.

Workshop participants will be required to have a Google account and register for an Earth Engine account prior to the workshop in order to follow along with the workflow on their own laptops.