The Chairman of the Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG) Charlotte Bishop, will be giving the next Geological Society Public Lecture at Burlington House on London’s Piccadilly once in the afternoon and again in the evening of Wednesday 28th March.

Under the title; Satellite Top Trumps: The Geological Edition, Charlotte will take the audience through a brief history of commercial satellite imagery from its inception with the launch of Landsat-1 in 1972 and explore the benefits that this, now burgeoning industry can provide to almost every business but specifically its impact for geological applications.

Charlotte explains more; “This will be a whistle-stop tour through the history of satellites, focusing on some of those vital missions that have generated a step change for geology; including allowing us to map the Earth from space with increasing clarity, repeatability and detail.  We will look at the backbone to optical and SAR satellites and how new disruptive satellite solutions are providing a new paradigm for remote sensing, increasingly making the data more usable outside of its more traditional applications and market sectors.”  

“By focusing first on the fundamentals and fun satellite facts we move away from specific satellite sensors to look at real world case examples from across the industry to showcase how this data is used today and where it might be going in the future.  It is a true privilege to be asked to present this lecture and I do hope you will be able to join us

The Matinee Lecture will start at 15.00 on 28th March 2018 with refreshments available from 14.30. After time for questions, the lecture will finish at 16.00.

The Evening Lecture will at 18.00, again tea and coffee will be served half an hour before and this lecture will be followed a short drinks reception which will close at 20.00.

To learn more and to book tickets for either of the lecture start time, visit: