GRSG Annual Conference & AGM 2021:
Progression Towards Quantitative Geological Remote Sensing

12th – 14th December 2021, Online & Live

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The Annual GRSG Conference and AGM is back and we are Online and Live! 

In December of this year, we will once again bring together the GRSG community to explore the wonderful world of geological remote sensing for our 32nd International Conference and AGM, this time under the theme of Progression Towards Quantitative Remote Sensing.

Whilst we all hope that the worst of the COVID pandemic is behind us, these continued uncertain times have meant that we are unable to hold our event in person at the Geological Society as we had planned and this year’s conference will be online.

Also, we would have loved to have met up with those of you who are in London at the time of the conference, but given the recent changes announced by the UK Government, we will have to see you online for our Virtual Social & Quiz on 13th December.

GRSG Conference Draft Agenda: 13th December, Session 1

09:00Welcome to GRSG 2021!Charlotte Bishop, KSAT & GRSG Chairman
09:15Keynote: InSAR and EO applications in Civil Infrastructure: design, construction and maintenance supported from Space

With time for questions
Blanca Payas, Sixense, Spain
Session 1
10:00Hyperspectral Analysis of Hydrothermal Alteration Zones in Los Frailes, Spain in the Iberian Pyrite Belt Anne Blumberg, BGR, Germany
10:15Quantitative Remote Sensing in Engineering Geology & GeomorphologyDr. Andy Hart, Atkins, UK
10:30Hot Data From Space! How A New Source Of High-Resolution Thermal Infrared Imagery Will Provide Additional Insights For Infrastructure MonitoringAlex Gow, SatelliteVu, UK
10:40Session Questions & Answers
11:00Interactive Coffee Break

GRSG Conference Draft Agenda: 13th December, Session 2 & 3

Session 2
13:00Detecting Geothermal Anomalies using ECOSTRESS Data Dr Chris Hecker, University of Twente, Netherlands
13:15Evaluating Sinkhole Risk with InSAR Dr Jenny Scoular, SkyGeo, Netherlands
13:30Remote Sensing For Climate Change-Adapted Urban Planning In BangladeshNicolas Wagner, Institute of Geosciences and Natural Resources, Germany
13:45PRISMA Hyperspectral Remote Sensing For Exploration Of The Jabali Zn(-Pb) Carbonate Hosted Ore Deposit (Western Yemen)Rita Chirico, University of Naples, Italy
14:15Interactive Coffee Break
Session 3
15:00Mapping the Seabed with Imagery and Bathymetry Nils Erik Jørgensen, Terranor, Norway
15:15Measuring Methane Emissions With Satellites At High-Resolution And Low Detection Threshold: The Ghgsat ConstellationJean-Francois Gauthier, GHGSat, Canada
15:30Mineral mapping of Tourmaline, White Mica, and Chlorite at A.M. Breccia of the Giant Copper Porphyry Deposit, British Columbia with Hyperspectral Data Collected from an Unmanned Aerial System Dean Riley, EchoLabs, Canada
15:40Session Questions & Answers
16:00GRSG Annual General Meeting
18:00 - 20:00Virtual Pub Quiz!

GRSG Conference Draft Agenda: 14th December, Session 1

09:00Welcome to GRSG 2021!Charlotte Bishop, KSAT & GRSG Chairman
Session 1
09:10Keynote and Questions: – 20 years of ASTER Dr Yasushi Yamaguchi
09:55Hydrothermal Alteration Mapping and Mineral Exploration of the western Chagai belt, Southwestern Pakistan, Using ZY-1-02D Hyperspectral Imagery and Reflectance Spectroscopy Dr Lei Liu, Chang'an University, China
10:10Mapping alteration zones for geothermal exploration studies in North Ghoubbet (Tadjoura, Djibouti) using Worldview-3 high resolution satellite imagery – Alina Ermertz, BGR Germany
10:25Identification And Quantification Of Carbonate Minerals In Quartz-Illite-Carbonate Mixture In Reservoir Rocks Using SWIR And TIR FTIR SpectroscopyWanyue Liu, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), China
10:35Session 1 Questions & Answers
10:55Interactive Coffee Break

GRSG Conference Draft Agenda: 14th December, Session 2 & 3

Session 2
11:40Mineralogical Interpretation Discrepancies Between Infrared Reflectance Spectra And X-Ray Diffractograms: An Example From The Kuh Panj Porphyry Cu Mineralization, SE IranFardad Maghsoudi Moud, University of Twente, Netherlands
11:55A Novel Method For Predicting The Geochemical Composition Of Tailings With Laboratory Field And Hyperspectral Airborne Data Using Regression And Classification-Based ApproachDr Yaron Ogen, Uni Halle, Germany
12:10A Sentinel-2 Based Multispectral Convolutional Neural Network For Detecting Artisanal Small-Scale Mining In Ghana: Applying Deep Learning To Shallow MiningDr Carlo Robiati, University of Exeter, UK
12:25Session 2 Questions & Answers
12:40Lunch break and Student ECN Careers Panel
Session 3
14:00 A Future Perspective of Upcoming Missions Charlotte Bishop, KSAT, Norway
14:15Using State-Of-The-Art InSAR To Monitor Critical Infrastructure From One Of The Most Costly and Worsening Geohazard Today Shawn Melamed, Catalyst, Canada
14:30Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging for Mineral Mapping Stephane Boubanga, Telops, Canada
14:40Session 3 Questions & Answers
15:00Conference Wrap Up