Earth Observation for Energy
EO4Energy Workshop

April 22nd -23rd, 2024
Hilton Hotel, University of Houston, Texas, USA

The Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG) Americas, in partnership with the University of Houston, invites you to a workshop focusing on the role of Earth Observation (EO) and remote sensing in the Energy Industry.

As the industry moves towards sustainability, driven by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, the significance of EO and remote sensing continues to grow. This workshop will encompass insightful case studies, introduce emerging technologies, and present advanced methodologies. Participants will engage with a diverse group of professionals from the energy, space, academic, and government sectors.




18:00 - 20:00ICEBREAKER EVENT (LOCATION TBD): please join us for an informal happy hour on the evening prior to the workshop!



08:50Welcome and introductions from the GRSG
09:00Keynote - Aravind Ravichandran (Terrawatch Space): The State of Commercial Earth Observation
Session 1 - Monitoring Subsurface Oil and Gas Activities (Session Chair: Shuhab Khan)
09:30Ground Displacement Monitoring in Saudi Arabia using SAR Data: An Innovative Technology ApproachSheikh Hossain (Aramco)
09:50InSAR for Well Integrity. How ground deformation measurements can be used to identify and predict well failuresCourtney Lucente (Tre Altamira)
10:10InSAR Monitoring in the Permian Basin: Addressing Saltwater Disposal and Induced Seismicity ChallengesJenny Scoular (SkyGeo)
10:30Morning Break
Session 2 - Monitoring Surface Oil and Gas Activities (Session Chair: Christian Haselwimmer)
11:00U.S. Oilfield activity: A View From AboveDylan Ellett (Kayrros)
11:20Early detection of new flares by co-located VIIRS Nightfire detections in super-resolution clustersMikhail Zhizhin (CO School of Mines)
11:40Ratable Satellite Monitoring is Improving Infrastructure Monitoring while Driving Emissions Reductions – Using Technology to your AdvantagePeter Weaver (Orbital Sidekick)
12:00LiDAR and other remote sensing tools for geohazard monitoring of midstream assetsKris Covey (Barr Geospatial)
12:20Gold Sponsor Presentation - ESRIChris Sheil (ESRI)
Session 3 - Exploration in Support of Traditional and New Energies (Session Chair: Benoit Rivard)
13:30Hyperspectral Imaging to Estimate Rare Earth Elements at Different ScalesShuhab Khan (University of Houston)
13:50Remote Sensing Driving Renewable Energy ProjectsVinay Viswambharan & Chris Sheill (ESRI)
14:10Advancements in leveraging multisource satellite remote sensing imagery for critical raw material exploration in the United StatesNima Esmaeilzadeh (Western Kentucky University)
14:30Exploring the Connections Between Traditional Geologic and Hyperspectral Mapping in Sedimentary Successions: a Case Study in the Permian Reef Strata of the Guadalupe MountainsMelly Coronado (Brown University)
14:50From Space to Seafloor: Satellite-Based observation of oil seepsGeoffrey Thiemann (CGG-Satellite Mapping)
Afternoon Break
Session 4 - Environmental Monitoring (Session Chair: Jenny Bloom)
15:40Environmental Observations of Pads and Surrounding Tundra in the Alaska North Slope: Synthesizing Data from Satellites, Aircraft, and FieldworkDan Sousa (San Diego State University)
16:00Remote Sensing Data Fusion for Ecosystem Management: Innovations in Energy Sector SustainabilityMike Rawich & Emilia Stepinski (Ramboll)
16:20Panel Discussion - Commercial EO in the Energy Industries, Moderator: Aravind Ravichandran (Terrawatch Space), Panelists: Ayo Adediran (Shell), Andrea Steffke (Planet), Vinay Viswambharan (ESRI), Christian Haselwimmer (Chevron)
17:00RECEPTION: please join workshop participants and our sponsors for drinks and light bites in the Conrad N. Hillton Ballroom.




09:00Keynote – University of Houston Energy Institute
Session 5 - Emissions Monitoring (Session Chair: Andrea Steffke)
09:30Insights from Space – Unlocking the power of satellite data in global emissions monitoringStanley Opara (GHGSat)
09:50Aerial Gas Mapping LiDAR for Methane Emissions Monitoring at Oil and Gas InfrastructureChristopher Donahue (Bridger Photonics)
10:10Satellite and Space Based Imagery Access and Analytic tools for Methane Observations/Visualizations from Public Image HoldingsJenny Bloom (NV5)
10:30Morning Break
Session 6 - Emissions Monitoring (Session Chair: Christian Haselwimmer)
11:00A Multi-Sensor Approach for Quantifying and Localizing Diffuse EmissionsChris Usher (Blue Sky Resources)
11:20A survey of sources, analytical methods, and challenges for monitoring methane emissions using earth observation dataChris Moulton (Descartes Lab)
11:40SATLANTIS’ Approach to Advanced CH4 Detection from SpaceAitor Moriñigo (Satlantis)
12:00Single-Blind Determination of Methane Detection Performances using Airborne Hyperspectral ImagerPaul Penney (Telops)
12:20Gold Sponsor Presentation - NV5/ENVIJenny Bloom (NV5)
Session 7 - Developments in Platforms, Sensors, and Data (Session Chair: Jenny Scoular)
13:30Leveraging ultra-high-resolution optical and thermal satellite imagery to monitor remote assets throughout their lifecyclesKatherine Betts (Albedo)
13:50Tanager: Update on Planet’s Hyperspectral Constellation & Implications for the Energy Industry.Andrea Steffke (Planet)
14:10Chevron Atlas + AI – Scaling Geospatial Data for Imagery Recognition and Anomaly DetectionSteve Huerta (Chevron)
14:30Monitoring from the Stratosphere: How High-Altitude Balloons Enhance Energy Sector IntelligenceRenee Davis (World View)
14:50Energy Use Cases for Wide-Area, All-Weather 3D Satellite Imaging, from Subsidence Measurement to Remote Monitoring and Site RemediationRyan Duffy (Array Labs)
Afternoon Break
Session 8 - Oil Spill Response and Asset Retirement (Session Chair: Irma Caraballo Álvarez)
15:30Offshore Oil Spill Response and the Role of RADARSAT-2Gordon Staples (MDA)
15:50The Importance of Hyperspectral Imaging in Environmental Remediation for the Oil and Gas IndustriesDean Riley (Echo Labs)
16:10Innovations in Earth Observation Technologies for Oil Spill Emergency Response: Lessons from the Deepwater Horizon SpillJagos Radovic (University of Houston)
16:30Novel approaches to support safe operations and decommissioning activitiesCharlotte Bishop (KSAT)
16:50Closing thoughts from the GRSG


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