Dr. Andy Hart Chosen to give Geological Society Lecture

Date & Time: Thursday, 3 December 2020, 18:00 – 19:00 GMT

Dr Andrew Hart, Chief Engineering Geologist and Geomorphologist for the UK’s Atkins’ Ground Engineering practice and Membership Secretary for the Geological Remote Sensing  Group (GRSG), has been asked by the Geological Society of London to deliver their December Public Lecture.

Andy explained more: “I’ll be exploring how we can learn to ‘Read the Ground’ to help us better understand ground conditions and Geohazards. The landscape around us is a product of a long and complex geological and geomorphological history that is recorded in the soils and rocks beneath our feet as well as by the landforms we see around us.  This sometimes hidden history can be revealed by learning to ‘read the ground’ and piecing together the clues to unravel that history and what we see before us.”

But what is ‘reading the ground’ and why is this important for engineering projects?  Using examples from around the world, Andy will describe how geoscientists use a combination of desk study information, the interpretation of available aerial photography and satellite imagery, and engineering geological and geomorphological field mapping to tease out those clues.

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