Abstract 2023: Siebe Breed

GRSG 34th Conference 2023

Title: Comparison of EnMAP and Fenix Airborne Hyperspectral over the Yerington Magmatic District, NV

Author: Siebe Breed, David […]

Abstract 2023: Siebe Breed2023-11-30T14:24:37+00:00

Abstract 2023: Nick Dodds

GRSG 34th Conference 2023

Title: Long term, wide area monitoring of CO2 containment in CCS using spaceborne InSAR

Author: Nick Dodds

Interferometric Synthetic […]

Abstract 2023: Nick Dodds2023-11-30T13:14:29+00:00

Abstract 2023: Kevin Goldsmith

GRSG 34th Conference 2023

Title: The Use of Hyperspectral Imagery for the Identification and Quantification of Methane

Author: Kevin Goldsmith


Methane is a […]

Abstract 2023: Kevin Goldsmith2023-11-28T08:39:19+00:00

Abstract 2023: George LeBlanc

GRSG 34th Conference 2023

Title: EO Satellite Validation – The Why, The How, and The Art

Author: George LeBlanc


The rate of increase […]

Abstract 2023: George LeBlanc2023-11-27T16:32:59+00:00

Abstract 2023: Phillipa Mason

GRSG 34th Conference 2023

Title: EnVision Venus Mission

Author: Philippa Mason


The EnVision mission aims to better understand the history, activity and climate […]

Abstract 2023: Phillipa Mason2023-11-27T16:26:09+00:00

Abstract 2023: Xu Teo

GRSG 34th Conference 2023

Title: First results from SatVu’s new high-resolution mid-wave thermal infrared (MWIR) HotSat-1

Author: Xu Teo

Our mission at SatVu […]

Abstract 2023: Xu Teo2023-11-30T13:17:29+00:00

Abstract 2023: Marco Casu

GRSG 34th Conference 2023

Title: Sale’e Porcus Spectral library V1.0

Author: Marco Casu

Within the context of emerging orbiting hyperspectral sensors like ASI-PRISMA […]

Abstract 2023: Marco Casu2023-11-26T22:09:09+00:00

Abstract 2023: Saeid Asadzadeh

GRSG 34th Conference 2023

Title: Mineral exploration using EnMAP hyperspectral data: Case studies from four different deposit types

Author: Saeid Asadzadeh

Mining new […]

Abstract 2023: Saeid Asadzadeh2023-11-26T22:02:56+00:00

Abstract 2023: Alfie Baines

GRSG 34th Conference 2023

Title: Multi-scale approach to remote sensing mineral exploration for expansion of a Moroccan silver mine – the […]

Abstract 2023: Alfie Baines2023-11-26T21:57:36+00:00

Abstract 2023: Tingxuan Jiang

GRSG 34th Conference 2023

Title: Variation in multiple outdoor Specim SWIR images acquired over a Single Day

Author: Tingxuan Jiang

Geologic remote sensing […]

Abstract 2023: Tingxuan Jiang2023-11-26T21:54:06+00:00
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