Join the Rock Imaging Special Interest Group Webinar to learn more about Applications of Hyperspectral Imaging in Oil and Gas

WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 16th, 09:50 GMT

Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI): using energy reflectance to identify and quantify the surface mineralogy of rock core, has proven to be a quick, non-destructive analytical technique.

HSI can gather data from the entire surface of the core and hence providing mineralogy over a wide area, or take spot measurements. While HSI has been used extensively in the mining industry for many years, it has not gained widespread application in oil and gas.

The ability to highlight mineralogical variation within the reservoir not only increases the ability to understand variations in porosity and permeability but also reduces costs by using the hyperspectral images to guide sample selection.

Thus, plug sample results can be linked to the hyperspectral maps and so upscaled to help build reservoir models that more accurately reflect the compositional and mechanical heterogeneities of a reservoir potentially leading to improved production of hydrocarbons.

This webinar by the Rock Imaging Special Interest Group (RISIG), the organisers of the highly regarded International Rock Imaging Summit, will demonstrate  he many strengths of hyperspectral imaging and examine its use in a series of case studies presented by world-leading experts.

This Webinar is FREE TO ATTEND for RISIG members so join the group now – there is no charge – and participate in this and future events.