GRSG Conference 2022: Orbit to Outcrop

Title: A geospatial analysis of oil spillage and its impact on groundwater quality in the Niger Delta, Nigeria.

Author: Ajibola Oyebamiji


This research aims to develop a framework for studying and reporting both the risk and impact of oil contamination on groundwater quality within deltaic environments- using Niger Delta as a case study, by augmenting sparse field data with secondary spatial data; which is especially important for physically inaccessible regions. This research will provide a systematic approach to studying environmental contamination in oil producing deltaic regions.

It will model the source-pathway-receptor linkages that determine the risk and impact of oil spills on groundwater quality. It will combine an integration of geographic information systems, and previous field sampling and laboratory analyses from literature review for validation, towards providing robust results. The research shows that contrary to popular beliefs, most oil spills within the Niger Delta region of Nigeria result from operations of licensed companies.

Also, three main states have been identified as the hotspot regions, with higher occurrences and tendencies for oil spillage, viz: Rivers, Bayelsa and Imo states. Finally, the research intends to develop a risk-impact equation to relate source potency, pathway transmissivity and receptor susceptibility. The results will become valuable for identifying oil spill locations requiring urgent remedial actions and help in decisionmaking and future planning.