A NASA study is being conducted for a potential Earth satellite mission that may lead to an imaging spectrometer (visible to shortwave infrared, ~0.4-2.5 microns) and a multi-spectral infrared sensor (8-12 microns), as called for in a recent US National Academies Report

As part of the SBG mission study, the Applications Working Group (AWG) is reaching out to the geology and mineral and energy exploration communities to receive their input on desired data and products.

To do so please contact: Christine Lee and Jeff Luvall who are the AWG co-leads.

In addition, there are opportunities to inform or participate on three other working groups studying other aspects of the potential mission:

Algorithms co-leads are: Kerry-Anne Cawse-Nicholson and Phil Townsend

Calibration/Validation co-leads are: Kevin Turpie and Raymond Kokaly

Modelling co-leads are: Weile Wang, Shawn Serbin and Benjamin Poulter

Finally, JPL is researching qualified suppliers for an architecture trade study in support of the Surface Biology and Geology (SBG) Designated Observable Study Team:

For any general comments or inquiries contact Surface Biology and Geology