Exelis Webinar: Spectral Analysis for Geological Applications, 23rd June 2015

Exelis Webinar: Spectral analysis for geological applications,
Geological exploration: combining satellite imagery, DEM and spectral analysis
23rd June, 11:00am (GMT)

Join us for this special webinar and learn how to use spectral information derived from satellite imagery for geological applications.

Hosted by Exelis and presented by Charlotte Bishop, Remote Sensing Projects Manager for NPA Satellite Mapping, this webinar will reveal how NPA uses satellite imagery in its geological studies, and how spectral analysis is of particular benefit, illustrated through a case study on gold mineralisation.

Hear from Charlotte on:

• Integration of high and low resolutions images
• Creation of Digital Elevation Models
• Using satellite imagery in geology
• Importance of field verification

NPA Satellite Mapping, a subsidiary of CGG, one of the world’s leading geoscience companies, supplies satellite imagery and value added services to a wide range of market sectors including exploration, environment, engineering and defence.