Two New GRSG Geospatial Python Courses

Following the success of the first GRSG-sponsored, Geospatial Python for Beginners Course, the Group is repeating that course for people who were not able to join, and is offering a more advance course: Geospatial Python for Intermediate Users – Analytics, for those who want to learn more!

Open to GRSG members and those who are yet to join the Group, these courses will provide attendees with the appropriate level of information and insight into this ever-more popular and sought after programming language.

The Geospatial Python for Intermediate Users – Analytics course
15th October 2019 at Geological Society, Piccadilly, London.

Starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm with lunch provided, the course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to plotting data in matplotlib
  • Introduction to opencv – displaying data
  • Displaying video
  • Interactive OpenCV
  • Thresholding data
  • Computer vision analytics prt 1
  • Computer vision analytics prt 2
  • Skimage and Rasterio
  • Raster to vector options
  • Recap


Geospatial Python for Beginners Course
10am – 4pm 12th November 2019 at Geological Society, Piccadilly, London

The one-day course agenda will cover:

  • Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks
  • Intro to:
    • Python data types (lists, tuples, strings, integers, floats, dicts)
    • Programming basics (loops, if/else statements, operators)
    • Printing variables, getting help and installing libraries
    • Functions and inbuilt functions
    • Slicing lists
  • Working with directories of data
  • Reading and writing textfiles
  • Creating a point shapefile from a textfile
  • Introduction to NumPy
  • Reading a raster dataset in GDAL
  • Using subprocess to call GDAL functions


Prices for these one-day course are:

GRSG Individual Members: £40.00
GRSG Student / Retired Members: £25.00

Non-members: £100.00
Non-members who are Students or Retired: £40.00

Please note that non-members can join the GRSG before the course to take advantage of the member charges. More information can be found on the GRSG website

The course is limited to TEN attendees, so please sign up quickly:

Attendees must bring a working Python environment. The GRSG recommends Anaconda Antendees with out a working environment will only be able to follow the code on the screen. Sadly, the instructor will not have time to setup individuals’ machines.

The GRSG reserves the right to cancel this course if it is significantly under-subscribed. In the event of cancellation for this reason, those who have already paid will be reimbursed.