2011 Student Award Recipients

Andrew Singleton, 1st Year PhD Student, University of Glasgow

Advanced space geodesy techniques for landslide hazard mapping in the Three Gorges region, China. Development of an approach to quantifying landslide hazard and slope stability through the use of permanent scattering and short-baseline InSAR in the non-urban areas of the Three Gorges region. 

Laura Cordero Llana, 3rd Year PhD Student, Swansea University

Volume estimation of melt-lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet from combined satellite observations. Using pre-existing reflectance-depth models on ASTER, and IKONOS data and then attempting to upscale with MODIS data for increased spatial coverage, validating the technique using ICESat laser altimeter measurements. 

Natasha Stephen, 2nd Year PhD Student, Imperial College, London

The geology and surface mineralogy of Mars; interpretations from meteorite-derived, Martian-specific mineral spectra and their comparison with remotely-sensed thermal emission spectroscopy (TES) data. Uses TES data to map the geology and mineralogy of Mars through mixture-model based classifications, and detailed assessments of the effect of orientation on ground-truth data.