2010 Student Award Recipients

Veraldo Liesenberg (2nd Year PhD, Technische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg)
Evaluating the potential of multiple sources of remote sensing data to support carbon assessment of tropical peatland environments. Two approaches to merging ASAR and PALSAR InSAR data with PROBA & hyperion hyperspectral data are evaluated for a study area in Indonesia. Data are to be used to investigate up-scaling and the relation between BRDF and microwave properties to geophysical parameters. Funds will be used for purchasing data, travel for fieldwork and attendance at GRSG’s AGM

Elspeth Robertson (1st Year PhD University of Bristol)
Determining the driving mechanism behind the observed ‘pulse-like’ surface deformation of volcanoes in the East African Rift Valley, and to quantify the fluxdes involved by combining satellite observatiopns with hydrological, petrological and magmatic models. InSAR will be used to constrain the periods of deformation, and fieldwork will be used to help distinguish the causes behind the deformation, through the use of a LICOR non-dispersive infra-red spectrometer to measure CO2 fluxes; and petro-chemical measurements from erupted lavas.

Laura Gregory (3rd Year PhD Oxford University)
Assessing and comparing the rates and styles of tectonic deformation that occur in the mountain building process (erosion, uplift, faulting) in the Mongolian Altay Mountains. Using maps of fault motion derived from Landsat, ASTER, SRTM and ASTER GDEM datasets. Active faulting will be mapped in detail in unmapped areas. Funds will be used for fieldwork that involves the observation of the surface expression of the faults that were remotely identified.