2008 Student Award Recipients

We are delighted to announce that three student awards have been made by the GRSG this year. Details of the student award winners are shown below:

Fieldwork/Travel Award – Stephen Grebby (University of Leicester) Stephen Grebby is a 2nd year PhD student based at the University of Leicester who is investigating the use of high-resolution airborne LiDAR and ATM data for mineral exploration in volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits of the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus. The student award will support fieldwork in Cyprus during 2009 with the aim of undertaking geological mapping and collection of rock samples for geochemical analysis.

Laboratory Award – Nick Brook (Imperial College London) Nick Brook is a 4th year MSci student at Imperial College London who is investigating the Permian volcanic rocks of the Tarim Basin, China as part of his MSci thesis using a combination of remote sensing and field investigations. The student award will be used to undertake geochemical analysis of volcanic rocks from the study area with the aim of characterising the source of the magma and emplacement age of the volcanics.

Innovation Award – Nanna Karlsson (University of Hull / British Antarctic Survey) Nanna Karlsson is a 2nd year PhD student based at the University of Hull and the British Antarctic Survey who is using airborne radar sounding data to investigate glaciers in West Antarctica. The student award will part-fund a three month visit to the University of Texas (Austin) where Nanna will investigate the Mars polar ice caps using data from the SHARAD (SHAllow RADar) system on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter: this study aims to assess the relationship between ice masses on the Earth and Mars and the links between climate and glaciation.