Moving the GRSG Forwards in 2018

Charlotte Bishop, GRSG Chairman

The Geological Remote Sensing Group has always been fuelled by the positive energy and enthusiasm of our members and those who serve on the committee.

We have organised 28 successful international three-day Annual General Meetings and Conferences since 1989 and, whilst we have a great attendance at these meetings we want to use this enthusiasm to widen the number of people who recognised the work we do as an international technical special interest group and important trade association in the broad area of geological remote sensing.

To achieve this I have laid out below some of the activities that we will undertake this year, under the banner of “Moving the GRSG Forwards in 2018”.

Website: The GRSG website has not been redesigned for a long time and with so much of our lives having moved online, we need a site that fits more easily and seamlessly with everyone’s way of working.

This redesign will be led by our Marketing Director and will result in a website that is simpler and easier to search and access. We want members to be able to find and really get the benefit of presentations from previous AGMs and the back catalogue of newsletters for example. We also intend to add features such as data and toolkit repositories and improved student areas (responding to requests on this topic).

To increase the value of your membership, we will be making a number of features only accessible to members of the GRSG which we hope will also encourage more people to join us.

Newsletter: The newsletter is a GRSG institution but, again in these modern times it is now seen as a cumbersome and outdated way of sharing information. We want to introduce a more dynamic news feed which maintains the fantastic variety of content form the old the newsletter but which is published upon editorial review rather than having to wait for a publication date. Summary newsletters will then be circulated on a quarterly basis indicating the highlights of that period and encouraging continued contributions.

Events: The GRSG will organise more of our own events, to complement the Annual International AGM Conference. The first of these will see us working with the USGS and the University of Colorado to host the GRSG Oil & Gas Workshop in Colorado in July of this year – more information can be found here.

We are also considering an additional student field trip in Europe whilst also participating more widely in a number of meetings, conferences and exhibitions held by other relevant organisations. One such event is the upcoming The Impact of Big Data in Geoscience meeting in London, which is an event that the GRSG is co-badging. It will be a fantastic opportunity to engage with other special interest groups and to showcase the use of big data, in its various forms, in the geological sector.

On behalf of the GRSG, I have been asked to take part in the Geological Society Public Lecture Series, which will take place on 28th March in London and will be streamed live! This lecture will also be repeated in Belfast later in the year as part of a STEM outreach project.

The GRSG are always keen to discuss other opportunities for co-badging, sponsoring or presenting at events so please contact us if this would be of interest to discuss further

Students and Early Careers: Alongside our corporate and professional members, we have a very healthy student membership base. We really to want help these members as much as we can and we understand that the transition from student to the work-place can be a daunting prospect. So, we intend to host our first Early Careers social event later in the year and use this as a basis for expansion working with other Young Professionals groups of relevant organisations such as the AAPG, GeolSoc and PESGB.

The GRSG is a volunteer-led organisation that is dedicated to developing, promoting and sharing industry, academic and research knowledge. We want all of our members to feel that they are receiving what they need from the Group and the best way for this to happen if for you to talk to us.

Your feedback is a vital part of ensuring that as we move the GRSG Forwards in 2018, we are going in the right direction! If there is something you would like to see us doing or something you would like us to consider then as always please get in touch with us we would love to hear from you

Best regards,

Charlotte, GRSG Chairman