2015 Student Award Recipients

2015 Student Awards 

It is our pleasure to announce the following Student Awards 2015 winners. This year there were 4 winners with the third place shared by Stephen Brough and Huma Irfan.

Raquel Serrano Calvo (University of Aberdeen) – “Prediction of collapsing karstic events by integrating NDVI Index from Landsat-7 ETM+ imagery and GIS tools. Application to the zone between Salisbury and Winchester, United Kingdom.”

Jeanne M Giniaux (University of Leeds) – “Combination of InSAR data with time-dependent microgravity to constrain the magma plumbing system of Askja volcano, North Iceland”

Stephen Brough (Aberystwyth University) – “Reconstruction and dynamic assessment of glacier-like forms on Mars.”  

Huma Irfan (Birkbeck, University of London/University College London) – “Investigation and characterisation of potential landing sites in the lunar South Pole region using lunar remote sensing data.”