GRSG Oil and Gas Remote Sensing Workshop

Remote sensing provides crucial data for the exploration and characterization of oil and gas resources, as input to managing operations, and is of increasing importance to minimizing the health, environment, and safety risks associated with a wide range of oil and gas activities.

The North American Chapter of the GRSG is pleased to announce that, in collaboration with the University of Colorado and the US Geological Survey, we will be holding a workshop focused on the applications of remote sensing to the oil and gas industry.

Click the image for a PDF Version of the Oil and Gas Workshop Flyer

The workshop organizing committee is now seeking contributions from industry professionals, suppliers and vendors, academics and government officials concerning the applications of remote sensing across the full lifecycle of oil and gas projects including for:

  • Exploration and appraisal of O&G resources
  • Planning and development of O&G assets
  • Operations and productions phase including surveillance and environmental monitoring
  • Metocean applications
  • Emergency and oil spill response
  • Decommissioning and rehabilitation of O&G assets
  • New sensors, data analytics workflow, and machine learning techniques

The workshop organizing committee is particularly interested in contributions covering new remote sensing techniques, sensors, and data analytics workflows. Authors who wish to present at the workshop are requested to submit an abstract before 1st May 2018.

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