GRSG 2016 Annual Conference Presentations

Future of Geological Remote Sensing:
Innovation and Challenges


The 2016 conference, hosted at Arup, Fitzroy street, London focused on the usual wide range of GRSG topics on Oil and Gas, Geological Mapping, Minerals, and Technological advances with an additional focus on Engineering applications.  With difficult market conditions the GRSG was delighted to welcome such a wide range of diverse, high quality and interesting presentations a number of which are available for download below.

2017 Conference Abstracts Front Cover

To download one of the presentations from the conference please follow the links in the tables below and to download a PDF copy of the Conference Guide and Abstract Book just click on the image.

Day 1

Presentation TitleAuthorOrganisationDownload Link
Relationship between gamma radiation and light spectrum using airborne survey and Worldview-2 in South Portuguese zone, Portugal.Gabriel BarberesUniversity of
Coimbra, Portugal
Click to download
LIME: Interpretation, visualisation and communication of 3D models in geoscienceSimon BuckleyUni Research
Click to download
Continuous, Remote and Long-Term Tunnelling Monitoring with InSARAlessandro FerrettiAltamira-
Click to download
EnVision: The Proposal for Europe’s Revolutionary New Mission to VenusRichard GhailImperial CollegeClick to download
Introduction to GBDXAlex GowDigitalGlobeClick to download
Developing UAV systems for landscape and atmosphere monitoring at the British Geological Survey Colm JordanBGSClick to download
Implementing the change vector analysis technique for assessing spatiotemporal dynamics of land-use and land-cover in the Mu Us Sandy Land, ChinaProf. Arnon Karnieli,Ben-Gurion
University of the Negev, Israel
Click to download
Natural hazard risk mitigation in mountain environments – the role of remote sensingJason ManningArupClick to download
Crossrail’s InSAR case study and potential future applications in the construction industryJavier González MartíCrossrailClick to download
Boat based mapping of geological features using 3D-Photogrammetry and hyperspectral imaging system (Case study: Greenland)Sara SalehiGEUSClick to download


Day 2


Presentation TitleAuthorOrganisationDownload Link
Spectral Geology and Remote Sensing used for Mineral Exploration in the Abu Marawat Concession, Eastern Desert, EgyptMicky BrownMappa MundiClick to download
Mineral Mapping of Core Using Combined High-Resolution SWIR and LWIR SensorsDavid BrowningTerracoreClick to download
The influence of basement structure and drainage networks on prospectivity in the East African Rift SystemRowan EdwardsCGG NPAClick to download
Characterizing Hydrothermal Alteration Using WorldView-3 and ASTER Data in the High-Sulfidation Epithermal Jagüelito Deposit, San Juan, ArgentinaProf Diego Fernando DucartUNICAMPClick to download
Remote Sensing of the Copper Creek District, Arizona. Results from Aster, Airborne Hyperspectral and Field SpectroscopyMarc GoossensGeosenseClick to download
Support applications in shallow water and coastal zone: Advances in Satellite Derived bathymetry and seafloor mapping and monitoringDr Peter HausknechtEarth-iClick to download
Introduction to the EO Broker Energy platformAnoop PandeySatellite
Applications Catapult
Click to download
Hot stones: mapping igneous kimberlites under Kalahari cover using LWIR imageryNeil PendockConsultant,Click to download
Geomorphometric characteristic of selected fossil landslides in the Vipava Valley, SW SloveniaTomislav PopitUniversity of
Click to download
Hyperspectral mineralogical and lithological mapping of metasediments and metavolcanics of Gamsberg, Aggeneys, South Africa.Dr Martin SchodlokBGRClick to download
Distribution of hydrothermally altered zones and their relation with fracture patterns at the Domeyko range between 20° 35’ S and 21° 17’S, (Región de Tarapacá, Chile): a remote sensing and GIS studyByron SzadmanUniversidad de
Click to download


Day 3


Presentation TitleAuthorOrganisationDownload Link
Comparison between linear and non linear spectral unmixing methods for hyperspectral dataAsmau Muktar AhmedUniversity of KingstonClick to download
GEO: Earth Observations for managing Minerals and Non-renewable Energy ResourcesStephane ChevrelBRGMClick to download
Keynote: Australia’s Version 2 ASTER mineral maps unmixed of the effects of green and dry vegetationTom CudahyCSIROClick to download
Operational ice charting in mid-latitudes using Near Real Time SAR imageryCarles DebartKSATClick to download
High spatial resolution satellite Earth Observation – a reliable tool for site monitoring across Mining, Oil and Gas and EngineeringDr Peter HausknechtEarth-iClick to download
ASTER Value-Added productKoki IwaoAISTClick to download
The copper mining cycle in Chile - application of EO data and digital mapping techniquesTom JonesSatellite Applications
Click to download
Airbus DS Data Portal – Meeting the changing requirements of the Remote Sensing communityAlasdair KyleDefense and
Click to download
Characterization of tight shales from spectral imagery of drill coreBenoit RivardUniversity of
Click to download