3rd Virtual Geoscience Conference

Kingston, Canada,
August 22-24, 2018.

Immersive Geoscience

The 3rd Virtual Geoscience Conference (VGC) will be held in the beautiful limestone city of Kingston, Canada, between August 22-24 2018.

This will be the 3rd VGC and will again provide a meeting place for researchers, government, and industry members at the forefront of innovative research and development in close range remote sensing and computer visualization applied to the geosciences.

The conference will highlight technological advancements and the latest applications of geomatics and visualization tools to a broad range of geoscience problems.

The conference theme is multidisciplinary collaboration at the intersection of geomatics, visualization, computer vision, graphics and gaming, as well as virtual and augmented reality with applications to a range of geoscience subfields, such as geological mapping, geomorphology, geohazards, glaciology, volcanology, tunnelling, and mining.

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