Hydrocarbon Microseepage: Recent Advances, New Applications, and Remaining Challenges

The AAPG is pleased to announce that this research conference has been scheduled to be held:
June 18-20, 2019 in Houston, Texas.

Convenors for this conference are Dr. Dietmar (Deet) Schumacher (GeoField Services, Paris) and Dr. Gary K. Rice (GeoFrontiers Corp., Dallas).

The past two decades have seen not only a continued interest in the topic of hydrocarbon microseepage, but have resulted in ongoing development of new and novel exploration technologies and applications. These have led to improved integration of geochemistry with geology, geophysics, and remote sensing, and have resulted in more efficient exploration and development strategies.

The AAPG hopes to bring together 70-90 international experts from industry, academia, and government to review the state of knowledge of hydrocarbon microseepage in light of the new body of data and insights gained in the past two decades and current research directions.

A “Call for Papers” will be issued by end October, and the AAPG invites your participation as presenters and as attendees. Suggested topics are listed below.

For more information contact Deet Schumacher at deetschumacher@gmail.com or Gary Rice at garyrice@geofrontiers.com


Theme 1. Microseepage and other Natural Hydrocarbon Seepage: their recognition and characteristics, onshore and offshore

Theme 2. Migration Mechanism, Rates, and Models for Hydrocarbon Microseepage: perhaps including role of earth tides & seeps, microseeps

Theme 3. Methods for Hydrocarbon Detection and Analysis: geochemical, mineralogical, biological, spectral and hyperspectral remote sensing, seismic and non- seismic geophysical, optical gas detection, DNA, UAVs, etc.

Theme 4. Data Integration and Data Analysis: advanced methods for recognition and characterization of anomalies

Theme 5. Pre-Drill Prediction of Hydrocarbon Charge: documented case histories from survey design to post-survey drilling results; hydrocarbon composition prediction

Theme 6. Other Applications to Exploration, Development, and Production Monitoring: exploration and development case histories, monitoring of hydrocarbon drainage

Theme 7. Applications to Other Fields: i.e., climate change, petroleum system analysis, leakage of gases from CO2 sequestration and CO2/EOR, projects, etc.