GRSG Careers in Remote Sensing and GIS Webinar, 10th September 2014

GRSG Careers in Remote Sensing and GIS Webinar 2014:

Presented by the Geological Remote Sensing Group for North America.

If you are a student finishing studies in the near future and looking for advice on career options or a Young Professional looking for new directions, this webinar may provide you insight on how to work in the Remote Sensing and GIS world.

This webinar provides information about careers in Remote Sensing, including:

•    Key skill sets for a career in remote sensing

•    Advantages and challenges of remote sensing jobs in Academia, Consulting and Industry

•    Whether getting a PhD for a job in remote sensing is necessary

•    How often do these jobs come up? How hard are they to find?

Speakers include:

Cynthia Dacre, Manager of Geologic Programs, MDA Information Systems
Ayo Adediran, Remote Sensing Focal Point, Shell Canada
Dr. May Yuan, Professor, Geospatial Information Science at University of Texas at Dallas

GRSG North America
C/o Spatial Energy
1881 9th Street, Suite 303
Boulder, CO 80302

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