Earthquakes from Space

Earthquakes from space: earth observation for quantifying earthquake risks

Lloyd’s Old Library, 25th September 2017, 0830 hrs

Following the release of a number of new earthquake catastrophe models, we will investigate how earth observation, satellite and geospatial technologies help to better quantify earthquake risk

Learning outcomes: Independent view on quantifying earthquake risk through earth observation and geospatial technology

Intended audience: catastrophe modellers, exposure management, model evaluation, risk managers, anyone affected by the new model upgrades

Speakers confirmed include:

  • Lloyd’s & McKenzie Intelligence Services
  • Tim Wright – University of Leeds
  • Gareth Crisford – Earth-i
  • Rashmin Gunasekera – World Bank
  • Tim Ancheta – RMS
  • Stuart Marsh – University of Nottingham
  • Charlie Huyck – ImageCat
  • Adam Thomas – CGG

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