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2018 Student Award Recipients

2018 Student Awards It is our pleasure to announce the following Student Awards 2018 winners. PhD Awards Jesse Zondervan (PhD) University of Plymouth – Quantifying landscape response to tectonics and climate using river terraces in the Atlas Mountains, central Morocco Paolo Caporossi (PhD) University of Rome – Development and application of Image Processing methodologies for… Read more

2017 Student Award Recipients

2017 Student Awards It is our pleasure to announce the following Student Awards 2017 winners. PhD Awards Jo Miles, University of Bristol, UK – Mapping the potassic footprint of volcanic-hydrothermal systems from the shallow submarine environment through aerial radiation mapping: an example from Milos Island, Greece Dario Solano, University of Miami, USA – Differential subsidence… Read more

2016 Student Award Recipients

2016 Student Awards It is our pleasure to announce the following Student Awards 2016 winners: Patrick Carson (University College London): Deep Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Landmine Recognition in UAV Captured Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) imagery Saeid Asadzadeh (University of Campinas): The detection of natural and anthropogenic petroleum using SWIR bands of the WorldView-3 satellite… Read more

2015 Student Award Recipients

2015 Student Awards  It is our pleasure to announce the following Student Awards 2015 winners. This year there were 4 winners with the third place shared by Stephen Brough and Huma Irfan. Raquel Serrano Calvo (University of Aberdeen) – “Prediction of collapsing karstic events by integrating NDVI Index from Landsat-7 ETM+ imagery and GIS tools. Application to… Read more

2014 Student Award Recipients

2014 Student Awards  It is our pleasure to announce the following Student Awards 2014 winners:  David Mackezie (University of Oxford) – “Earthquake hazard and tectonic shortening in the Kazakh Tien Shan”  Negin Fouladi Moghaddam (Monash University) – “Subsurface structural properties retrieval using space-borne SAR interferometry deformation maps”  Stuart Turner (University of Leicester) – “Mineralogical characterisation of… Read more

2013 Student Award Recipients

2013 Student Awards Jennifer Harris (Birkbeck University of London) – “Remote and in-situ reflectance spectroscopy of Mars-analogue hydrothermal alteration” Amy Woodget (University of Worcester) – “An assessment of the use of high resolution imagery collected from an unmanned aerial system for the quantification of fluvial topography” Yu Zhou (University of Oxford) – “Active faulting and tectonics of… Read more

2012 Student Award Recipients

This year it is our pleasure to announce the following Student Awards 2012 winners: Allen Pope (University of Cambridge): Investigation flow speed and surface lowering of western Antarctic Peninsula Glaciers. William Hutchinson (University of Oxford): Causes of volcanic deformation in the main Ethiopian rift. Martin Walter Airey (University of Oxford): Volcanism as an active planetary process on Venus.  

2011 Student Award Recipients

Andrew Singleton, 1st Year PhD Student, University of Glasgow Advanced space geodesy techniques for landslide hazard mapping in the Three Gorges region, China. Development of an approach to quantifying landslide hazard and slope stability through the use of permanent scattering and short-baseline InSAR in the non-urban areas of the Three Gorges region.  Laura Cordero Llana,… Read more

2010 Student Award Recipients

Veraldo Liesenberg (2nd Year PhD, Technische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg)Evaluating the potential of multiple sources of remote sensing data to support carbon assessment of tropical peatland environments. Two approaches to merging ASAR and PALSAR InSAR data with PROBA & hyperion hyperspectral data are evaluated for a study area in Indonesia. Data are to be used to… Read more

2009 Student Award Recipients

The GRSG has made three student awards for 2009. The committee decided to award prizes to the top 3 applicants, rather than observe the three award categories. The three winners are: Nicholas Roberts (Simon Fraser University, Canada) – Investigation of landslides in La Paz, Bolivia using RADARSAT-2 permanent scatter interferometric SAR and polarimetric SARLandslides are a… Read more