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Workshop/Conference on Hyperspectral Data, Windhoek, Namibia

The Geological Survey of Namibia under the Ministry of Mines and Energy is organizing a three days workshop followed by a fieldtrip, the workshop will be held inWindhoek, Namibia. The workshop will highlight hyperspectral data which has been acquired by the survey and their applications to minerals exploration, environmental monitoring and hyperspectral technology scanning cores. The Ministry of Mines and… Read more

Geological Society Frontiers Meetings 2011 – The Coupling between Tectonics and Surface Processes

Call for papers… Oral presentations are invited on all aspects of the coupling between tectonic and surface processes, but the convenors are particularly interested in contributions from fields that are not conventionally covered at Geological Society research meetings, and/or lie at the interfaces between different fields. Such fields might include atmospheric physics and geotechnical studies, while… Read more

GRSG AGM 2010 – Geo-environmental Remote Sensing

1st-3rd December 2010, The Geological Society, London The theme of the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Geological Remote Sensing Group is “Geo-environmental Remote Sensing”. The conference will present both applied and fundamental research that explores the application of remote sensing in mapping, monitoring and understanding the relationship between geology and the environment. The 2010… Read more

AEGOS/GRSG International Workshop on Geoscience Observations & Observing Systems

The AEGOS (African-European Georesources Observations System) project aims at setting-up the preparatory phase for the building of an information system containing and making accessible data and knowledge on African geological resources including mineral resources, raw material, groundwater and energy (georesources). This information is/has been collected through numerous initiatives by both African countries, regional, international and European organisations collectively,… Read more

GRSG AGM 2009 – Exploration Remote Sensing

The GRSG 20th anniversary AGM took place from 15 to 17 December, 2009 at The Geological Society and the Linnean Society, Burlington House, London. The theme of the 2009 GRSG AGM was ‘Exploration Remote Sensing’. Abstracts / presentations from the meeting Photos

GRSG AGM 2008 – High Resolution Remote Sensing

The theme of the 2008 GRSG Annual General Meeting was ‘High Resolution Remote Sensing’ that featured presentations on the geoscientific applications of high spatial and spectral remote sensing. Abstracts/presentations from the meeting

GRSG AGM 2007 – Geological remote sensing and developing countries

The theme of the 2007 GRSG AGM was Geological Remote Sensing and Developing Countries. The AGM took place from 18-19th December, 2007 at The Geological Society, Burlington House, London.

GRSG AGM’s pre-2007

Previous GRSG AGM’s included: GRSG AGM 2006: Remote sensing for Earth resources: exploration, extraction and environmental impacts GRSG AGM 2005: Advances in Geological Remote Sensing GRSG AGM 2004: Mapping hazardous terrains using remote sensing GRSG AGM 2003: Geology Unveiled