GRSG – Social Events Corner

Continuing in the tradition of past years, the GRSG’s Annual Meeting’s social agenda was packed-full of interesting, unusual and entertaining events.

This year’s events included: a visit to the RAF History museum, an icebreaker, a wine reception, conference dinner and finally, the afterglow. For all those in attendance, it was clear that these events encapsulated the best in the exchange of scientific thoughts, reasoning and new, but as yet undocumented, theories of life, the universe and everything.

Beginning with the RAF History Museum during the day of December 9th, those in attendance (I was completing my flight over the Atlantic at the time) relayed to me during the following icebreaker session that the museum was of top-notch caliber in displays and insight into the rich tradition and history of the RAF. From bi-planes to spitfires to virtual reality aircraft, the museum tour was a treasure trove of RAF and general aviation memorabilia. A real hit for all those who attended.

Next on our agenda was the icebreaker in the evening of December 9th at the Glassblower pub. Snacks and pints were in abundance as well as good conversations with friendships renewed and new ones instigated. The event was well attended with approximately 40-50 members present throughout the evening. As appropriate, a core group of about 20 GRSG members, and evident pub enthusiasts, remained until closing at which time a splinter group went off onto the next round of adventures for that night. An enthusiastically good time was had by all.

With the roaring success of the first day presentations behind us, we came to the wine reception on the evening of December 10th. Again, this was another well-attended event within the Geological Society’s Lower library, in which hearty and vigorous discussions of the day’s presentations had taken place. While the evening came to a close much faster than the previous night’s icebreaker, all enjoyed the reception as a pleasant and thought provoking event.

Following on from a jam-packed second day (December 11th, ) of excellent talks, the Conference Dinner was next on the social list. The organizing committee certainly were on their game when they chose the spot for the venue this year – The Churchill War Rooms.

The Churchill War Rooms is a fantastic series of sub-surface rooms that were constructed within the years of World War II and in which Prime Minister Churchill would collect with his cabinet and war advisors to plot the strategy of the UK’s and Allied forces. Consisting of a number of interconnected offices, sleeping quarters and support rooms, all superbly outfitted in museum quality displays, the Churchill War Rooms was an ideal location.

The format of dinner was a newer format for GRSG dinner events where it was served as a non-stop offering of Hor d’oeuves (you will have to pardon my French) and tapas within the rather stunning Harmsworth room which was the generator room. These wonderful treats mixed with liberal amounts of wine and beer fulfilled the intended requirement of hosting an unusual, interesting and thought provoking dinner. It was a personal highlight to see so many members bring spouses and significant others who had their own interesting and significant non-geological topics of discussion.

As all good things must come to an end, with the final presentations completed another very successful GRSG Annual Meeting was securely tucked-away into history. Basking in the afterglow of a job well-done, we headed back to that local sanctuary – The Glassblower Pub.

Over the course of the next few hours, pints were raised, hands were shaken and congratulations roundly given for a highly successful meeting. Over the hours, in ones and twos, members departed to parts unknown with promises of correspondence given, safe with the knowledge that this meeting provided exactly what we had all expected – scientific excellence and comradery of all. I am looking forward to returning in 2019 to see what the team have planned!

Written by George Leblanc