CSU-CAS Provides Free Image Data of Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory

The Technology and Engineering Center for Space Ultilization, Chinese Academy of Science (CSU-CAS) is now providing medium resolution image data products of Tiangong-2 space laboratory to international academia users. One such product is Wide-band Imaging Spectrometer images.

Wide-band Imaging Spectrometer is a medium resolution multispectral imager on Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory. With a pushbroom imaging mode, it has the observation swath of 300km. It has 18 spectral bands, which covers visible near infrared, short wave infrared and thermal infrared.

The spatial resolution of the three spectral segments is 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters respectively.

The data is mainly used for monitoring of medium scale ground objects within medium resolution, such as inversion of ocean color parameters, water temperature and coastal zone monitoring, water color and water quality monitoring of inland lakes, land applications on land and resources, agriculture, forestry, ecology environment, glacier, desert, and so on.

Students and researchers from academia are free to download the Tiangong-2 image data from website: http://www.msadc.cn